7 inch cake pan

Top 10 7-Inch Cake Pans for Baking Delicious Treats

Introducing the perfect baking companion for all your delectable creations – the 7-inch cake pan! Crafted with precision and designed to deliver outstanding results, this baking essential is a must-have for every passionate baker. Its ideal size ensures uniform heat distribution, guaranteeing evenly baked cakes every time. Crafted from durable and high-quality materials, this versatile 7-inch cake pan is built to withstand the test of time. Whether you’re baking a towering layered delight or a single-sized treat, this pan is here to make all your sweet dreams come true. So, go ahead, let your baking prowess shine with the incredibly reliable 7-inch cake pan by your side.

Top 10 7 Inch Cake Pans for Perfect Baking Results

The 7-inch cake pan is a must-have for any baker, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro. Its compact size makes it perfect for baking smaller cakes and desserts, making it a versatile addition to your bakeware collection. With its durable construction and non-stick surface, this cake pan ensures even baking and easy release, so you can create professional-looking cakes with ease. Whether you’re baking a birthday cake, a layered cake, or experimenting with new dessert recipes, the 7-inch cake pan is a reliable and essential tool for all your baking needs.

1. 7 inch cake pan

Key Feature


Versatile for Instant Pot

6Qt or 8Qt pressure cookers

Healthy Coating

Non-stick, food grade

Smooth, Easy Release

Stainless springform buckle

Includes Parchment Paper

50 pieces

Favorite Baking Tool

Used in restaurants and bakeries

Practical Gift

For friends

HIWARE 7 Inch Non-stick Springform Pan/Cheesecake Pan/Leakproof Cake Pan with 50 Pcs Parchment Paper – Accessories for Instant Pot 6, 8 Qt Pressure Cooker. This versatile pan is perfect for use in Instant Pot pressure cookers, ovens (oven safe to 450℉), and stoves. Its healthy non-stick coating ensures easy cake removal and hassle-free cleaning. The upgraded stainless steel springform buckle allows for smooth and effortless release. Additionally, it comes with 50 pieces of parchment paper to enhance your baking experience.

– Versatile and compatible with Instant Pot pressure cookers
– Food grade safety coating with no harsh chemicals
– Easy cake release
– Upgrade stainless steel springform buckle for effortless use
– Includes 50 pieces of parchment paper for traditional baking
– Suitable for a wide range of recipes and makes a great gift.

– Limited to a 7-inch size, may not fit larger cake recipes or servings.

2. 7 inch cake pan

Even wall thickness and seamless construction

Smoothed straight edge cake

4-inch deep

Dimensions: 7 x 4 inches

High quality anodized aluminum
PME Quality Product

PME Professional Aluminum Baking Pan Round 7 x 4, Standard. Created with even wall thickness and seamless construction gives you a smoothed straight edge cake. 4-inch deep. Dimensions: 7 x 4 inches (178 x 102 mm). Made from high-quality anodized aluminum. PME Quality Product.

Even wall thickness and seamless construction for a smoothed straight edge cake. 4-inch deep pan allows for baking tall cakes. Made from high-quality anodized aluminum for durable and long-lasting performance. PME is a trusted brand known for quality products.

Only available in a single size (7 x 4 inches).

3. 7 inch cake pan

– Safety Material: 100% food grade silicone
– Combination Kit: 2 round cake molds
– Easy to Release: Mirror finish surface
– Easy to Clean: Dishwasher safe
– Temperature Range: -30 °C to 230 °C
– Microwave & Oven safe.

KEYFIVE Silicone Cake Molds are a versatile and convenient addition to any kitchen. Made from 100% food-grade silicone, these BPA-free molds are safe to use. This combination kit includes two round silicone cake molds, perfect for a variety of desserts such as fruit cakes, cheesecakes, mousses, and more. With a mirror finish surface and flexible feature, these molds make it easy to release your baked goods. Cleaning is a breeze with warm soap water or simply placing them in the dishwasher. These silicone baking molds are microwave and oven safe, with a temperature range of -30 °C to 230 °C (-20 °F to 450 °F).

– Made from 100% food-grade silicone, BPA-free
– Versatile and suitable for a variety of desserts
– Easy to release baked goods thanks to the mirror finish surface and flexibility
– Easy to clean, dishwasher safe
– Microwave and oven safe

– Only available in two sizes (7.5 inch and 7 inch)
– Limited color options

4. 7 inch cake pan

Wall Thickness Even
Construction Seamless
Cake Depth 3 inches
Dimensions 7 x 3 inches
Material Anodized aluminum
Quality PME

PME Professional Aluminum Baking Pan – Round 7 x 3in, created with even wall thickness and seamless construction, provides a smoothed straight edge cake. It is 3 inches deep and has dimensions of 7 x 3 inches (178 x 76 mm). Made from high-quality anodized aluminum, this baking pan is a PME quality product.

Even wall thickness and seamless construction
Provides a smoothed straight edge cake
3-inch depth for versatile baking
Made from high-quality anodized aluminum
PME quality product


5. 7 inch cake pan

Product Features

2 Pack 7 inches Round Cake Pan Baking Mold

Durable Material

High Quality Anodised Aluminum

Removable Bottom Design

Easy to Take Out

Easy to use and clean

Nonstick Interior


Versatile Use

EXGOX 2 Pack 7-Inch Non-Stick Deep Aluminum Round Cake Pan With Removable Bottom is a high-quality baking mold set perfect for creating delicious cakes for various occasions. The pan features a removable bottom design, making it easier to take out the baked goods. Its durable material ensures long-lasting performance, and the nonstick interior allows for easy release and quick cleanup. This versatile pan set is suitable for baking a wide range of cakes and desserts, making it a must-have for any baking enthusiast.

– Made of high-quality anodized aluminum for durability
– Removable bottom design for easy cake removal
– Nonstick interior for effortless release and quick cleaning
– Versatile use for various types of cakes and desserts
– Perfect for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, and festivals
– Makes a great gift for family and friends

– May not be suitable for baking extra-large cakes
– Only includes a set of two pans

6. 7 inch cake pan

Key Feature


Multipurpose Circular Bakeware
Durable Double Layer Steel
Easy-Release Latch Leak Proof Seal
Versatile 6Qt /8 Qt Large Pressure Cooker and Conventional Oven Compatible
Washable Dishwasher Safe
Practical Food-Grade Non-Stick Coating

Introducing the InstaExtras 7-inch Round Nonstick Leakproof Deep Dish Pizza Pan. This versatile circular bakeware is perfect for a variety of occasions, including birthdays, cheese cakes, deep dish pizza, tarts, loafs, casseroles, and quiches. Made with double layer steel, it is durable and can withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees. The easy-release latch provides a leak-proof seal, making it ideal for water baths. It is compatible with most 6Qt/8Qt pressure cookers and conventional ovens, including Instant Pot Duo and similar models. Plus, it is easy to clean – simply hand wash or place in the dishwasher. Practical features include a silver-loaded stainless buckle for quick detachment and a food-grade non-stick coating for easy removal without the need for grease or flouring.

– Multipurpose circular bakeware for a variety of dishes
– Durable double layer steel construction
– Easily hand washable or dishwasher safe
– Compatible with most pressure cookers and ovens
– Easy-release latch provides leak-proof seal
– Food-grade non-stick coating for easy removal

– Only comes in a standard size of 7 inches
– Some users may find it too small for certain dishes

7. 7 inch cake pan

Size 7-inch
Capacity 6 cups
Seal Tight
Coating Nonstick
Cleanup Easy
Washing Hand wash
Origin Global

Nordic Ware 51842 Leakproof Springform Pan is a 7-inch non-stick coated pan that holds 6 cups. With its tight seal, it helps to prevent messy spills. The nonstick coating ensures easy food release and cleanup. Hand washing with mild detergent is recommended for optimal care. This product is globally sourced.

Leakproof design to prevent messy spills
Nonstick coating for easy food release
Holds 6 cups, perfect for small-sized recipes
Hand washing is easy with mild detergent
Global sourcing ensures quality

May be too small for larger recipes

8. 7 inch cake pan


8.5 x 8.5 x 1 (Pan Size), 7 x 7 x 1 (Inside Size)


Food grade silicone, non-stick baking


Multi-purpose use


-40 to 450F heat tolerance, compatible with pressure cooker, dishwasher friendly


High-quality products, excellent customer service


Customer support available

Webake Layer Cake Pans, 7 Inch Round Cake Pan Set, Silicone Cake Mold Versatile for Rainbow Cake Vegetable Pancake Taco Shell Pizza Crust Omelet Frittata and Resin Craft (Set of 4)

❤ Convenient and reassured with food grade durable silicone and non-stick design
❤ Versatile use for various projects including cakes, tacos, pizzas, crafts, and more
❤ Extra features like easy cleaning, heat tolerance, and compatibility with pressure cookers
❤ Better quality and better service with a focus on customer satisfaction

⚠ Only available in a 7-inch size
⚠ Limited to a set of four pans

9. 7 inch cake pan

Key Feature


Ideal for any cake recipe


Fits perfectly

6 & 8-quart pressure cookers, 3.4, 4, 5.3 & 10-quart air fryers

16-gauge anodized aluminum

Easy release, clean up. Safe for citrus-based foods. No rust, peel or flake.

Heats & cools quicker

Reflects heat, even heating allows best rise. Cools quickly to prevent over-baking.

Built bakery tough

Same bakeware & pastry tools used by professionals. Lifetime warranty.

Fat Daddio’s PCC-73 Cheesecake/Cake Pan is a versatile and durable baking pan designed for various dessert recipes. It fits perfectly in pressure cookers and air fryers, making it convenient for different cooking methods. The 16-gauge anodized aluminum construction ensures easy release and cleanup, while also being safe for citrus-based foods. The pan heats and cools quickly, promoting even baking and preventing over-baking. Built bakery tough, it is a trusted choice by baking enthusiasts and professional bakers around the world, backed by a lifetime warranty.

– Ideal for a wide range of cake recipes, including cheesecakes and specialty desserts
– Fits perfectly in pressure cookers and air fryers of various sizes
– Easy release and cleanup with 16-gauge anodized aluminum construction
– Quick heating and cooling for optimal baking results
– Trusted and used by baking enthusiasts and professional bakers worldwide
– Backed by a lifetime warranty for added peace of mind

– Hand wash recommended, which may require more effort compared to dishwasher-safe pans
– Only available in one size (7 x 3 inches), limiting options for larger cakes

10. 7 inch cake pan

Key Feature




Heat distribution


Non-stick coating

Double layer

Temperature resistance

Up to 450F



Zulay Premium Springform Pan 7 Inch Nonstick – Cheesecake Pan With Removable Bottom – No Need For Parchment Paper – Spring Form For Baking – Leak-Proof Cake Pan (Black) Premium 7 Springform Pan: This non-stick stainless-steel cheesecake pan is equipped with a heavy-gauge steel core that distributes heat evenly. Designed with interlocking layers for a perfect release, allowing you to make professional looking cheesecakes, coffee cakes, tarts and more. Once the spring hinge is closed, the honeycomb textured base ensures even heat flow, baking the layers of the cake consistently.

Perfect For All Your Favorite Bakes: If you are looking for a reliable springform cake pan that will give you great results when baking any kind of oven-baked goods, then this is the pan that belongs in your kitchen. Besides the high quality and performance, this pan has an added advantage of having a non-stick surface which will eliminate the need for flouring or greasing the pan when baking your delicious cakes, quiches, mousse or even deep bowl pizzas and lasagna.

Double Layer Non-stick Coating: The non-stick coating is both friendly towards your health and the environment. It does not contain toxic chemicals such as BPA, PTFE, or PFOA. The large stainless-steel latch makes it easy for you to lock and unlock the walls of the pan which makes it easy and simple to remove cakes. No flowering or greasing needed. Hand washing recommended. The coating is harmless with no harsh chemicals or hazardous substances.

Heatproof Up To 450F: 7 inch, round bakeware mold. Stainless steel springform buckle provides an easy and smooth release allowing you to save time with better quality results than other baking pans. Springformcake cake mold and baking pan. Moldes para reposteria set. Top baking accessories. PROP 65 WARNING: This product may contain chemical(s) known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects and/or other reproductive harm.

1. Even heat distribution for consistent baking
2. Non-stick surface eliminates the need for flouring or greasing
3. Non-toxic coating is safe for health and the environment
4. Easy to lock and unlock walls for effortless cake removal
5. Heatproof up to 450F

1. PROP 65 warning

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FAQs: 7 inch cake pan

What is a 7 inch cake pan?
A 7 inch cake pan is a round baking pan specifically designed to bake small cakes with a diameter of 7 inches. It provides an ideal size for compact and individual portion-sized cakes.What materials are 7 inch cake pans made from?
7 inch cake pans are commonly made from various materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, silicone, or non-stick coated steel. Each material has different benefits, such as even heat distribution or easy release of the cake.Can I use a 7 inch cake recipe in a different-sized cake pan?
It is not recommended to use a 7 inch cake recipe in a different-sized cake pan, as the baking time and proportions may vary. Using a different-sized pan can affect the cake’s texture, rise, and overall baking results. It’s best to follow the recipe’s recommended pan size.How do I properly grease and prepare a 7 inch cake pan?
To properly grease and prepare a 7 inch cake pan, start by lightly coating the interior surface of the pan with butter, shortening, or cooking spray. Make sure to reach the bottom and sides of the pan. For added insurance, you can also line the bottom of the pan with parchment paper for easy release.Can I use a 7 inch cake pan for other desserts, such as tarts or pies?
Yes, a 7 inch cake pan can be used for other desserts like tarts or pies. However, keep in mind that the baking time and proportions may need to be adjusted accordingly. It’s important to follow the specific recipe and instructions for the desired dessert when using a 7 inch cake pan for other purposes.

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