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The 10 Best Mug Holder Trees: Organize and Display Your Coffee Cup Collection

Introducing the Mug Holder Tree – a delightful and practical addition to any kitchen or coffee station! Picture this: a sturdy yet elegant stand, designed to neatly hold and display your favorite mugs in an organized and accessible manner. With its sleek and compact design, the Mug Holder Tree saves you valuable counter space while adding a touch of personality to your home. Its branches lovingly cradle each mug, preventing chips and scratches, and providing an eye-catching showcase. Crafted with durable materials, this versatile tree not only keeps your mugs within easy reach, but also creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal with the Mug Holder Tree – a must-have for coffee enthusiasts and home decorators alike.

10 Best Mug Holder Trees for Organizing Your Mugs

The mug holder tree is a versatile and practical accessory for any kitchen or office space. It offers a stylish and efficient way to store and display your beloved mugs. With its tree-like design, it not only saves space but also adds a touch of elegance to your countertop or table. Whether you’re an avid coffee drinker, tea enthusiast, or simply looking for a convenient storage solution, the mug holder tree is a must-have addition to your home or workplace.

1. mug holder tree

Key Feature


Material Wood
Number of Hooks 8
Multi-functionality Mug holder, donut stand, necklace and watch holder
Non-slip Base Yes
Dimensions 7.9 Diameter x 19.7 Height
Decorative Yes

MyLifeUNIT Mug Holder Tree is a black coffee cup holder with 8 hooks made from sturdy wood. This mug hanger stand is perfect for holding mugs of any shape or size. It is a versatile and useful tool that allows you to easily air dry your cups and mugs after washing. Additionally, it can be used as a donut stand for parties or for hanging items like necklaces and watches. The non-slip pads under the base ensure stability and prevent scratching your countertop. With a bottom diameter of 7.9 inches and a height of 19.7 inches, this coffee cup holder is both stylish and practical.

– Sturdy and stable design
– Can hold up to 8 cups of any size or shape
– Versatile use for air drying cups or as a donut stand and more
– Non-slip pads prevent scratching countertops
– Stylish addition to any home, cafe, dessert shop, or restaurant
– Ideal gift for weddings, anniversaries, or important festivals
– Keeps kitchen counters neat and organized

– Cups are not included in the package

2. mug holder tree




15 mugs

Additional Storage

Wire arms for small plates

Improved Design

Higher clearance on the bottom row

Easy to Clean

With damp cloth or sponge


Can be used as a drying rack

Organize Your Space

Declutter countertops

DII Metal Kitchen Storage Collection 3-Tier Mug Tree Stand is a versatile and stylish addition to your kitchen. With its rustic antique finish and metal construction, it brings a farmhouse, country chic, or rustic look to your kitchen. This mug stand has a 15 mug capacity and even allows you to store small plates on top of the stand. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth or sponge and can also be used as a drying rack for hand washed cups or mugs.

– Measures 9.5×12.75, providing a compact storage solution for smaller kitchen spaces
– Rustic antique finish adds a charming touch to your kitchen decor
– Can hold up to 15 mugs and small plates, decluttering your countertops
– Easy to clean with a damp cloth or sponge, ensuring hassle-free maintenance
– Can also be used as a drying rack for hand washed cups or mugs
– Versatile design suits various kitchen styles, including farmhouse, country chic, or rustic

– May require extra counter space due to its size
– Limited to storing mugs and small plates, not suitable for larger kitchen items

3. mug holder tree

Modern Style

Clean, smooth lines

Holds Mugs

Various sizes & shapes

Organize Countertops

Saves space

Multipurpose Holder

Jewelry storage


7.1 x 15.7


Damp cloth cleaning

ALLCENER Mug Holder is a sleek and modern coffee mug tree that adds a touch of contemporary style to any kitchen. Its leaf shape design and classic wood finishes give it a traditional yet modern appearance, making it a perfect fit for any kitchen style. With its ability to hold mugs of various sizes and shapes, it keeps your mugs securely in place and allows for easy access to your favorite coffee and tea cups. This mug tree is not only a practical kitchen organizer but also a stylish countertop accessory.

– Modern and stylish design
– Holds mugs of various sizes and shapes
– Helps organize countertops and save space
– Multipurpose hook holder for jewelry
– Easy to clean and maintain

– Can only hold up to 4 mugs
– Limited color options

4. mug holder tree

Key Feature


Your Space Saver No Space to hang your mugs
Versatile Coffee Cup Tree 6 hooks
Sturdy and Easy to Assemble 4 non-slip foams
The Simple Design Natural wood
You Will Get Cup rack

Dorhors Mug Holder Tree is a versatile coffee mug rack with 6 hooks designed to keep your coffee cups organized and easily accessible. Made of natural wood with a rustic finish, this coffee mug holder adds a touch of charm to your coffee bar or kitchen counter.

– Space-saving design helps keep your room tidy by providing a dedicated spot for hanging your mugs.
– Versatile and suitable for most families with its 6-hook design that can hold multiple mugs at once.
– Sturdy construction and 4 non-slip foams at the bottom prevent slipping and ensure stability.
– Easy to assemble, allowing you to set it up quickly without any hassle.
– The simple rustic wood grain design enhances the overall room decor.

– Limited to holding only 6 mugs at a time.

5. mug holder tree

Material Wooden
Capacity 6 cups
Multi-functional Donut stand
Anti-slip design Prevents scratching
Sturdy and stable Yes
Elegant design Stylish

MyLifeUNIT Mug Holder Tree is a wooden coffee cup holder with 6 hooks in a vibrant yellow color. Made of high-quality materials, this mug tree is sturdy, stable, and durable. It not only helps you organize your cups but also serves as a versatile item for drying other kitchen essentials or hanging accessories. With its anti-slip pads, it provides a good balance and protects your countertop from scratches. This elegant mug tree is a perfect addition to your home decor, keeping your kitchen neat and organized.

– Sturdy and stable design
– Environmentally friendly and durable
– Holds up to 6 cups, both square and circular
– Can be used for drying cups and bottles
– Multifunctional – can be used as a donut stand or for hanging accessories
– Anti-slip pads prevent scratching surfaces
– Stylish and elegant match for home decor

– Cups are not included in the package

6. mug holder tree

Superior Durability

Premium P2 Particle board, High-grade metal hooks, Robust base

Ample Capacity

16 Mugs, Perfect for kitchen or cabinet storage

Space-Efficient Design

Two-tier, Free up counter space, Sleek design

Stable & Anti-slip

Heavy duty wooden base, Non-slip pads, Scratch protection

Effortless Installation

All necessary accessories included, Prompt customer service

OROPY Vintage Wood Coffee Mug Holder Stand is a durable and stylish product designed to securely hold and display your coffee mugs. With its two-tier design and ample capacity for 16 mugs, it is the perfect storage solution for your kitchen counter or coffee table. The stable and anti-slip design ensures steady placement, while the effortless installation makes it convenient to set up.

– Superior durability with premium P2 Particle board construction
– Ample capacity for 16 standard-sized mugs
– Space-efficient design that frees up valuable counter space
– Stable and anti-slip with a heavy-duty wooden base and non-slip pads
– Effortless installation with all necessary accessories included

– The mug stand is sold separately
– Mugs and coffee cups depicted in the images are not included

7. mug holder tree

Key Feature


Sturdy and stable


Healthy environmental protection




Hangs 6 cups


Versatile use


Anti-slip pads


MyLifeUNIT Mug Holder Tree is a wooden coffee cup holder with 6 hooks, offering a stylish and practical solution for organizing your mugs. Its sturdy and stable design ensures durability while the anti-slip pads prevent scratches on countertops. Not only does it serve as a mug holder, but it also doubles as a versatile stand for donuts or as a place to hang jewelry and watches. This elegant black mug tree is a seamless addition to any home decor, making it the perfect choice for keeping your kitchen neat and organized.

– Sturdy and stable design
– Versatile use for cups, donuts, jewelry, and watches
– Healthy environmental protection and durable wooden material
– Anti-slip pads for a good balance and countertop protection
– Stylish and elegant design matching various home decors

– Some may prefer more than 6 hooks for additional mug storage

8. mug holder tree


6 inch x 15 inch


Holds 6 mugs





Mugs included


Organizer type

Vintage farmhouse

Blue Donuts Farmhouse Coffee Mug Rack is a stylish and functional coffee cup holder that adds a touch of vintage charm to your kitchen. This black mug rack is designed to hold six mugs of various sizes, keeping them organized and easily accessible on your countertop. With its open design and beautiful finish, it complements any kitchen decor.

1. Spacious Capacity – This mug rack can hold up to six coffee cups at once, making it perfect for larger households or coffee enthusiasts.
2. Versatile Organization – The open design allows you to store and display not only mugs but also glasses or cups, giving you flexibility in organizing your kitchen accessories.
3. Easy Access – With this coffee cup holder, your mugs are always within reach, eliminating the hassle of searching through cabinets or drawers.
4. Sturdy Construction – Crafted from durable metal, this mug rack is built to last and won’t tip over even when adding or removing mugs.
5. Stylish Design – The vintage farmhouse look of this coffee mug rack adds a charming aesthetic to your kitchen decor.

1. Mugs not included – Although the mug rack is a great way to display your collection, it does not come with mugs included in the purchase.

9. mug holder tree

Material Bamboo
Rotation 360°
Capacity 6 cups
Multi-use Storage
Assembly 1 minute

Coffee Mug Holder Tree, Upgraded 360° Rotated Coffee Cup Holder for Counter, Wood Coffee Mug Tree, Coffee Mug Rack with 6 Hooks, Coffee Mug Organizer Station, Mug Stand Coffee Bar Accessories, Black

Premium materials & workmanship, smooth edges and polished surfaces, sturdy and environmentally friendly bamboo construction, firmly fixed branches, 360° rotatable and stable base, thicker and heavier double base for stability, space-saving and beautiful appearance, holds up to 6 mugs, versatile design for various storage needs, minimal assembly and disassembly, convenient for storage.

The glue for fixing the branches may not be strong enough.

10. mug holder tree

Design Curved tree
Arms 4
Usage Home, café, office
Construction Standalone
Base Color Grey wood
Aesthetic Black metal

MyGift Black Metal Coffee Mug Tree Rack with 4 Curved Hooks and Grey Wood Base is a stylish and functional addition to your kitchen or office breakroom. The metal curved tree design features 4 arms for hanging coffee mugs and cups, providing easy access and keeping them securely in place. The grey wood base and black metal aesthetic add a rustic touch, making it a perfect fit for country-themed decors. (Mugs not included)

Standalone construction ensures stability and support for mugs. The 4 curved hooks provide ample space for hanging multiple mugs. The sleek black metal design adds a modern touch to any space. The grey wood base complements rustic and country-themed decors. Convenient for home kitchens, cafes, coffee shops, and office breakrooms.

Does not include mugs. The standard size may limit its capacity for larger or wider mugs.

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FAQs: mug holder tree

What is a mug holder tree?
A mug holder tree is a stand or rack specifically designed to hold and display mugs. It usually features multiple arms or hooks where you can hang your mugs, allowing you to easily organize and showcase your collection.What materials are mug holder trees made of?
Mug holder trees can be made from various materials, including wood, metal, ceramic, and plastic. The choice of material primarily depends on personal preference, style, and durability desired.How many mugs can a mug holder tree hold?
The capacity of a mug holder tree can vary depending on the design and size of the tree. It can range from holding a few mugs to accommodating a large number of them. Commonly, mug holder trees have arms or hooks to hold 6 to 12 mugs.Can I use a mug holder tree for other purposes?
Yes, you can. While mug holder trees are primarily designed for mugs, you can also use them to hang other items such as small tea cups, kitchen utensils, small pots, or even jewelry.How do I clean a mug holder tree?
Cleaning a mug holder tree is relatively simple. For metal, ceramic, or plastic trees, you can wipe the surface with a damp cloth or sponge. For wooden trees, use a mild soap and water solution, being careful not to saturate the wood. Ensure it is thoroughly dry before using it again.Can I personalize or decorate my mug holder tree?
Definitely! Personalizing your mug holder tree can add a unique touch to your kitchen or living space. You can paint the tree in your favorite colors, add decorative elements, or even attach small hooks or clips to hang additional items.Can I use a mug holder tree for different types of mugs?
Absolutely! Mug holder trees are versatile and can accommodate different types and sizes of mugs, including ceramic, glass, china, or even travel mugs. The hooks or arms on the tree are usually designed to securely hold various mug handle sizes.Where can I purchase a mug holder tree?
You can find mug holder trees at a variety of places. They are commonly available in home goods stores, kitchenware stores, online retailers, or even at local markets. You can also explore options from various brands and independent sellers on e-commerce platforms.

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